WDMV is 100% run by a small group of dedicated and passionate volunteers who are willing to take a little bit of time out of their busy schedules to make our industry and community a better place. But in order for this movement to be successful and grow, we are going to need a lot of help. Since we know everyone in our industry has unpredictable schedules and very little time to spare, we have created a system where everyone can donate as little or as much time as they can afford to depending on their situation. Check out our different volunteer levels below to see which one works best for you!

Level 1: Extended Volunteer Network (Commitment Level: 2-3 hours a year)

We are always finding ourselves in situations where we have a little too much on our plates and need extra help. Whether its designing graphics, revising copy for emails or our websites, or giving a director in need legal advice, there are so many tasks that the Extended Volunteer Network can help us with. Whenever we have a specific task that we need help with, we will send out an email blast to our network (we promise it won’t be often!). If you just so happen to be free that week to help, you can just reach out and donate a couple hours of work. This is an easy way to help out our organization even with a busy, unpredictable schedule!

Level 2: WDMV Street Team (Commitment Level: 1-2 hours every few months)

For those of you who are active on social media and excited to help us get the word out, you should consider joining our Street Team. Periodically we will call upon our Street Team to help spread the news of an upcoming event or other announcements. We will provide you with relevant information and assets. The Street Team can also help maintain a healthy dialogue online by addressing any questions, concerns, or criticisms on social media or our subreddit, to ensure our message is unified, consistent, and strong. 

Level 3: Core Team Member (Commitment Level 1-3 hours a week, when available)

Are you incredibly passionate about this cause and don't mind sacrificing more of your time? Does community building and advocacy interest you? Do you want to be on the ground with us strategizing, coordinating, and directly changing our industry? Join our Core Team! Most of the year we are tending to email, social media, developing new initiatives, and communicating to our network which requires an hour or two at most a week. But then there will be times where we will be working towards much bigger goals such as new guidelines, big events, and educational initiatives, that may require a much bigger donation of time. Again, are very flexible so if for any reason you need to dip out for a few months at a time that is okay, just as long as when you’re with us, you’re truly with us. While most of our operations happen in LA, we have an international SLACK channel so that anyone outside of LA can be a part of the team. Because of the nature of the work we will need to do an interview before we invite you into our Core Team. Being a Core Team Member is not for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly rewarding, and is ultimately the lifeblood of this organization. 



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