Leftwing:Kody - “I Feel It” | Directed by Filip Nilsson

Check out our interview with Filip Nilsson about his process in making his enchanting and offbeat new music video for Leftwing:Kody’S “I Feel It”. Watch the video treatment and final video below.

WDMV: Were there any requirements from the artist or label in the video brief?
FILIP: No nothing, In fact I tried this idea on several other artist before without success. I just changed small things in the text and the edit pending on the artist.

: Why did you decide to create a video treatment?
FILIP: I never do big treatments for music videos. I believe a good and fun concept must be able to pitch in a simple way. I can not talk for everyone but for me its pure joy to edit a treatment like this. And it doesn’t take to much time.

How did you discover Daniel Ekberg, the lead character in your video, and how long have you wanted to use him in a video and why?
FILIP: I was mesmerized by him the first time I saw him on Instagram, so I reached out. He was a bit suspicious at first as he has never done anything like this before.

Why did you choose this aspect ratio? How did you sell it to the artist’s team and was there any pushback?
FILIP: Me and the DOP Jasper Spanning talked a lot about trying to approach this video in very pretentious way. We didn’t want it to feel as a classic music video. So we decided to shoot on 35mm. Which was the right choice for this. And it was ok for the budget.I was a bit stressed that we didn’t have enough rolls of film (12), but we ended up using only 7 rolls.

How long/how many days did this take to shoot?
FILIP: 1 day around 14 hours.

Were the locations and scenes intricately blocked before shooting, or was there a bit of improvisation?
FILIP: Everything was extremely well planned. I worked with a very good line producer Thomas Gram Veysseire and DOP Jasper Spanning.

: Can you walk us through how you created the spinning chair scene?
FILIP: I saw this episode of Myth Busters long time ago. It got stuck in my head. I really wanted to include that in a choreography at some point. This video needed that kind of absurd ending to pop out.

It was tricky to do, mainly because you need more time (and money) to make it spin faster. A chair can always spin faster….

There’s a couple instances in your treatment in which the idea never made on screen. For example - Daniel crashing his scooter and the scene where Daniel obtains a golden mobility chair. Why were these scenes taken out?
FILIP: We wanted to stay more grounded in reality before Daniel arrives to the chair. The crash and the fire we needed to take out due to permit problems.

There isn’t a choreographer credited for this video- how did you go about creating the dance sequences with Daniel and the other dancers?
FILIP: Dancing is my biggest hobby except filmmaking that is both my hobby and my profession. But I’m not at all a choreographer. In this case I had a couple of really good video references. I rehearsed with Daniel and the GANG one day prior to the shoot. These guys nailed the dance. I was lucky as you need to be in filmmaking.

Watch the treatment below, PASSWORD: ifeelit

Watch the final video here:

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