Mitski - "Geyser" | Directed by Zia Anger

Note from Zia: “Mitski and I had already worked together on Your Best American Girl, off her previous album, and she was very trusting of my collaborative creative process. We were sure we wanted to work together again, so after listening to her new album I chose Geyser as the song I wanted to make a video for, and her and her label agreed to that, and Washing Machine Heart. To be shot over the course of two days. This was a better "deal" for them. After having a long conversation with Mitski about the new album I decided I wanted to continue to build out the physical language we developed for Your Best American Girl but marry it with her new narrative references. Again, Mitski trusted my collaborative process. We spent time rehearsing and scouting and developing a fluid visual and physical language. She had no notes on the videos. The label didn't pay enough to be asked to give notes so I didn't include them in that process.

Basically these pitches were used to secure the funds for the videos from the label, and as starting points for my collaborators. They were not used to win the job. I don't pitch if I don't know the artist or have the ability to talk to them about their ideas, it's just not worth it.”

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan