Robin Schulz - “Sugar” | Directed by Zak Stoltz

Note from Zak: “A few days before the shoot, we got word that the featured artist needed to have a performance in the video. I tried to push back on it considering the whole premise of the video was to have the police officer performing the song, but the creative ended up being overruled by the politics of the situation. In the end, we were promised (verbally, never in writing despite multiple requests) that a director’s cut would be released on an official channel since it was the more faithful execution of the treatment, but the label ended up going back on their word for reasons that I’m sure were beyond their control. The director’s cut of the video was accepted at SXSW and won the top prize at the Paris International Music Video Festival. It now exists exclusively on my website and personal Vimeo page, where it has been subject to multiple DMCA takedowns… that I was able to successfully challenge! Hooray!”

Watch the director’s cut here:

Watch the official video with featured artist performance here:

Daniel Kwan