Duck Sauce - "NRG" | Direct by Dugan O'Neal

WDMV: What about the song inspired you?
Dugan: The energy of "NRG" is what really drew me in. The song is so unabashedly fun and over the top. Plus, I am a huge fan of A-Trak and Duck Sauce and how weird their past videos were so I knew we could do something special together.

This was the original brief: “There isn't much of a brief for our videos, but Armand and I (the 2 members of Duck Sauce) like to be the protagonists, like we did in our past videos.”

WDMV: What's your relationship to the artist, if any? Was this a single bid?
Dugan: I think it was a single bid because I had pitched on two other videos for Duck Sauce that A-Trak later told me really stuck out. He said he remembered reading what I had written for other tracks and thinking "this dude is weird, we should work together." Which honestly is a huge compliment. I also had acted in a video for Chromeo a few months prior that Ryan Hope directed and really connected with Dave (the lead singer who happens to be A-Trak's brother). Dave also said that I would be a good fit with Duck Sauce. So I guess you could say it was destiny.

WDMV: Where did you find your imagery?
Dugan: Google or screenshotting actual infomercials via YouTube.

What was the budget?
Dugan: Around 40k.

WDMV: How did you arrive at the idea and did it change? What the labels reaction was to it - did they approve everything or have changes?
Dugan: The first idea I pitched was A-Trak and Armand (Duck Sauce) flipping through the channels of late night TV; a Jerry Springer style show, an infomercial, an aerobics class, etc. Then we landed with just them watching the infomercial about NRG "the everything gel." One of the notes from his management was just to be really specific about what the NRG gel actually did and could be used for, just making sure the logic was clear (always a good note). Then once I submitted the treatment, I went to A-Trak's hotel and we talked through it for a few hours. Then once we were both happy with that, I wrote the dialogue that Jon Daly ended up saying and using throughout the video. It was a nice organic evolution. Something I really appreciate when you're able to talk directly to the artist.

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan