Cat Power - “Horizon” | Directed by Greg Hunt

Note from Greg: “Horizon” was my 4th video for Cat Power’s new album and by this point Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and I were building ideas by sporadic text messages, usually while she was touring or on a plane. Sometimes we’d hit a wall and she would say, “I’m a songwriter... my brain doesn’t work like this!” so she would instead send these poetic fragments that I would try to build into a video idea.

I really liked this one. It was raw and the treatment is so simple. We worked with a cast of friends and improvised everything on the shoot days. There was so little time and pretty much everything we shot ended up in the cut. Much of the concept stayed the same (the cast and their roles) while other things completely changed (the locations and shooting on expired 35mm, all due to practicality). With music videos you often have to surrender to what’s available and with this video especially we let it become whatever it was destined to be.

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan