Sevdaliza - "Hear My Pain Heal" | Directed by Ian Pons Jewell

We love this example of how Ian leveraged his creative by asking for more money to fund the project on the opening slide!

Note from Ian: This treatment is a bit weird, as I'm basically asking for money in it. Sevdaliza reached out directly with the music. I don't think I've ever fallen so in love with a track for a video as that one. I could see the world of video on the first listen. Three or four more listens later I could see each scene in detail and then wrote it all down to the timings you can see in the document. I then had to find the cash as she only had about 3K (she was and still is independent). This was before I had made commercials, so I had no money either. But, she waited. And waited. And waited.... I then did my first commercial work and suddenly had the ability to put money in, plus had some positive response from my now good friend Davide Ferrazza at Withstand Films. He covered the largest part of the budget (he's an angel) and we produced it through his company out in Italy.

The treatment is pretty basic, I haven't done extended treatments for a few years now and only really do a couple pages due to the time it takes to do them. I sometimes just send an idea with a paragraph too. I'm wary of sending out treatments too due to how much they are shared around.

There wasn't really a label for it, it's all Sevdaliza. She was and is incredible, totally trusting, no notes, just embracing the creative that she liked from the first time she read it. Super collaborative. Dream project basically.... no label, no commissioner, no manager, just direct collaboration with a trusting artist who respects you and sees you as much of an artist as they are.

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan