Paolo Nutini - "One Day" | Directed by Ian Pons Jewell

Note from Ian: I think this was the most excited I had been receiving a project. The track was out of this world, but so was the budget to me at that time. I think it was around 100K. Previous to this I'd been making stuff with 15K, up to a max of like 30 occasionally. So, great track, great budget..... felt like a god send.

The song came first as with any music video I do (though I have done a couple in which I wasn't sure about the track, La La La included, that then turned out quite well). I listened to it and could see the image of this older lady at a dresser, putting make up on, singing in Paolo's voice. It made me think of how she was speaking with a spirit almost. The idea continued to unravel from there as I listened, I could see these moments of murder in those beats of the music, with the final plot twist showing her to be using the souls of these young women to gain a lost youth. I then worked with Dobi Manolova in writing the characters that populate the world, she for example came up with the beautiful trapeze artist girl.

The treatment image research was by Dobi and I think I put together the layout if I remember correctly. It went down well, was signed off, which I couldn't believe, it was a huge career high point for me. One thing it was meant to have was Paolo. I never really wanted him in it, but at the time wasn't as vocal as I am now so I went with the flow, he was meant to be in the bar watching. But in the end he was hospitalized the day before (nothing too serious) so we shot without him and I think it made for a much better video.

Once we finished it, Paolo freaked out at how clean the image was so we scrambled to do a film scan. Where you basically scan the final video back onto film, at a fraction of the cost of if you shoot on film. I'd never done that before, and loved the end result. Shooting on film is always preferable of course but I was surprised by the results.

Some interesting tidbits.... the murderer in the video is the roller skater in my video for Kwes - Rollerblades. The old man with gold dripping from his mouth is in my first ever music video for Otto Con Schirach. Then the guy doing the cat's cradle string thing is the homeless dude in the sewer in Rejjie Snow Blakkst Skn. I love using the same cast, including in commercials too. I think it gives you some ownership of the world you shoot, whilst making videos in an industry in which you own nothing. Hopefully that changes soon...

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan