Bonobo - "Kerala" | Directed by Dave Bullivant

I’d been playing with this looping idea for a little while, and when this came in it felt like a good fit. But a technique alone doesn’t make a video. You can see from my treatment that I left the narrative side of it pretty open. We went through a lot of different versions of the story. The label had asked for a named actor to play the lead role, so I had to keep the story details pretty open whilst the casting took place as I didn’t know who was going to play the role, male / female, old / young etc. Once Gemma was one board I finalized the story and we went for it.

I had my iPad with me on set with a quicktime I had made to aid with the copious calculations I had to do on set. It had the track running with a note of what was supposed to be happening in the story, a timecode running with the effect applied, a timecode without the effect, and this treatment video in the corner. I wanted certain actions to happen on certain parts of the track, but had to calculate the offset in time constantly. For example if I wanted some thing to happen on the first chorus, it might need to happen within 5 seconds on set, which would then stretch out to 45 seconds once the effect was applied.

Here is a link to that iPad video too. -

I cut the video myself, and somehow managed to convince some of the operators at Absolute Post to pull a massive weekend of long days and late nights creating all of the little hidden gems that you see in the final video.

I don’t always do video treatments, but something like this idea is pretty tricky to explain with words.

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan