Delta Heavy - "White Flag" | Directed by Najeeb Tarazi

A note from Najeeb:

The song reminded me of SNES games and I thought it would be funny to see a pixelated character screaming at the drop, so I needed a story to wrap around that moment. The song is about surrender and I love the poem Paradise Lost, which hits that theme, so I pitched a 16 bit version of it. I didn’t realize Paradise Lost was the name of the band’s new album until 3 minutes before we got on the phone for the first time.

This was my second treatment and first time working with my rep Andy Roberts and he gave great feedback. We iterated on the text/images for 2-3 revisions, mainly workshopping the very simple images. I pulled the images from Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy/Secret of Mana and did some minor Photoshop work. I don’t use time codes anymore but my scripts still flow through the full track (usually denoted by verse/chorus/bridge).

Budget was £3k and I had never directed pixel art, so it was a bit of a reach but we figured it out.

Original brief:
Artist: Delta Heavy
Track: White Flag
Budget: £3k / $4.3k USD
Label: BMG
Commissioner: Faye Purcell

Watch the final video here:

Daniel Kwan