The Shins - "Half A Million" | Directed by LAMAR+NIK


The original bid:
Shins “Half A Million”
Shoot dates: TBD
Budget is $10k. 
Shoot in Portland or Los Angeles. 
Treatment due: April 10th

We received the track April 6th. We heard back two weeks after we pitched.
The budget had been cut from 10K to 5K. The band was also traveling during this time so Portland and LA were out of the question.

We agreed to do the video only if we were allowed the proper time to make it. The label agreed to an end of June deadline. We rent a studio out in Vancouver, BC and meet the band there to shoot our performance element. Label paid for this overage (2K?) We bring the video back to the US and edit the performance. Sent an edit to the label and told them this is the video, once we print this out, that's it.  We go back and forth with the label and then land on a final edit.

We start printing, cutting and organizing 5000 stickers (3 weeks?).
I (Lamar) go to Disney World 
Lamar returns from Disney World. Let's make a video!

Oklahoma in the summer, 100 Degrees, outside filming stickers. We film the majority of the video and almost have a heart attack when the drive won't boot up. In total, probably a month of straight filming. We slap all the stills onto the timeline and send it off to the label. The label is hyped and the video is released. We also sent them a BTS video, because we're nice guys.

Watch the final video:

Watch the BTS video of how it was made:

Daniel Kwan