Remember the viral music video about Young Thug not showing up to set and how many people were shocked something like that would happen? Imagine their response to just how often things like that occur in this industry…

We’ve heard some of your music video horror stories in person, on social media, and through others who were there in the trenches with you. Now we want to get it down on paper to share them the world! Tell us about your experiences while working on a music video, whether it happened in pre-pro, on set, or in post. Anyone can submit, we want to hear all sides of the story!

What are we going to do with all this and why are we making you relive your experiences?
We’ll be compiling all your narratives into a compelling article that tells our collective story. We know “how” the industry needs to change, now we need to explain “why” , but in a way that others can understand and empathize with.

NOTE: This is just for preliminary research. We will never publish your story without notifying you and requesting your consent.

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Please keep your stories brief when possible, thanks!

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