Remember the viral music video about Young Thug not showing up to set and how many people were shocked something like that would happen? Imagine their response to just how often things like that occur in our industry…

We’ve heard some of your music video horror stories in person, on social media, and through others who were there. Now we want to get them down on paper and share them with the world. Tell us about your experiences while working on a music video, wether it happened in pre-pro, on set, or in post. Anyone can submit, we want to hear all sides of the story!

What are we going to do with all these bad experiences and why are we making you relive them?
We are bringing in a journalist to compile all your narratives into a compelling article that tells our collective story. The article will be released in tandem with the Best Practices For The Pitching Process guidelines, which are based off the feedback we’ve received from the community. We know “how” the industry needs to change, now we need to show “why”.

Why is sharing your story important?
If we want to change the industry, we need to back it up with why, and in a way that others can be empathetic to. This isn’t an open call for complaints, but rather your personal narrative on how this industry has had negatively impacted on you.

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