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We want to help you get your music videos into festivals! One way we thought we could help is by providing a master list of film festivals who program music videos.

Festival Location of Festival Submission Deadline Submission Info
Aesthetics Film Festival UK May 31, 2019
Athens International Film and Video Festival Athens, OH Entries Closed
Atlanta Film Festival Atlanta, GA Entries Closed
Atlanta Undergrond Film Festival Atlanta, GA May 22, 2019
Austin Music Video Festival Austin, TX Aug 4, 2019
Austin Revolution Film Festival Austin, TX May 31, 2019
Berlin Lift Off Berlin, Germany May 31, 2019
Blow Up International Arthouse Film Fest Chicago, IL May 8, 2019
Brussels Independent Festival Brussels Jun 23, 2019
Cinequest Film Festival San Jose, CA Aug 9, 2019
Cleveland Int. Film Fest Cleveland, OH Entries Closed
DC Shorts Washington DC May 15, 2019
Denver Film festival Denver, CO Jun 1, 2019
Discover Film Awards Los Angeles, CA Aug 18, 2019
Dublin Independent Film Festival Dublin, Ireland Sep 1, 2019
Encounters Festival Bristol, UK Jun 6, 2019
Golden Door International Film Festival Jersey City, NJ Jun 29, 2019
Holly Shorts Film Festival Hollywood, CA May 17, 2019
Hollyshorts Film Festival Sherman Oaks, CA May 17, 2019
Hollywood Reel Independent Festival Los Angeles, CA Jun 21, 2019
Indie Memphis Memphis, TN May 27, 2019
LA Shorts International Festival Los Angeles, CA May 17, 2019
Leeds International Film festival Leeds, UK Jul 1, 2019
London Short Film Festival London UK Jul 1, 2019
Lone Star Film Festival Fort Worth, TX Jul 8, 2019
Los Angeles Lift Off Film festival Los Angeles, CA Jun 30, 2019
Manchester Film festival Manchester, UK Jun 11, 2019
Manhattan Short Film Fest Manhattan, NY Jul 31, 2019
Montreal Festival Du Nouveau Montreal, Canada Jun 15, 2019
Nashville Film Festival Nashville, Tenessee May 31, 2019
New Orleans Film Festival New Orleans, LA Jun 21, 2019
Odense International Film Festival Odense, Denmark Entries Closed
Oregon Independent Film Festival Portland, Oregon Jun 1, 2019
Orlando Film Festival Orlando, FL Jun 30, 2019
Outfest Los Angeles, CA Entries Closed
Oxford Film Festival Oxford, MS Sep 30, 2019
POFF Shorts Estonia Jul 1, 2019
Portland Film Festival Portland, Oregon May 29, 2019
Raindance London, UK May 17, 2019
San Diego International Film festival San Diego, CA Jun 24, 2019
San Diego Underground Film Festival San Diego, CA May 25, 2019
San Francisco Independent Film Festival San Francisco, CA Jun 1, 2019
SENE Film Festival Providence, RI Aug 31, 2019
Show Me Shorts Auckland, NZ Jun 1, 2019
Slamdance Los Angeles, CA May 20, 2019
SXSW Austin, TX Oct 18, 2019
Tacoma Film Festival Tacoma, Washington Jun 1, 2019
Tirana International Festival Tirana, Albania Jun 23, 2019
Urbanworld New York, NY May 24, 2019
Utah Film Festival Vineyard, Utah May 31, 2019
VS Vienna Shorts Vienna, Austria Entries Closed
Woodstock Film Festival Woodstock, New York Jun 6, 2019

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