Another way to help…

Though WDMV runs on the donated time and passion of volunteers, there are many unavoidable costs that go into making this community possible (i.e. website and email service fees, equipment and supplies for meetings, etc). If you are planning on going to any of our events or just want to contribute to the cause please consider donating to help us ensure that we can continue towards our goal of fostering a productive and thriving community. We’ll be asking for a donation for every event we put on, but we could always use more, so anything you can afford to give will be appreciated.

If you truly believe in the mission of this organization then please consider donating. If we as a community decide we want to begin taking bigger steps towards fighting for our rights and possibly even unionizing, we will have to build that infrastructure, hire the right people, and dedicate a lot more time to the cause— that will all cost money. Help us pave the way towards our community’s biggest goals.