Things are tough in the music video industry these days. That’s why we want to come together and start an inclusive industry-wide conversation about how it could be better.

We are not a union. We are not an exclusive club. WDMV is a community of directors from around the globe who are committed to finding solutions to the problems facing music video production that work for everyone.



1. To encourage community among music video directors and our collaborators,

2. To set out suggested guidelines for a more sustainable, respectful industry,

3. To celebrate the art form of music videos!


WDMV started when a bunch of directors started complaining on twitter about the challenges of making music videos. We suddenly all realized we were not alone. But it also forced us to ask the question: What are we going to do about it?

Now, WDMV is a growing community that meets up both in person and online to work on our big ideas about how to move the needle forward.

We’re a non-hierarchical volunteer organization made up of passionate people who love sharing their opinions and also love music videos. Join us!





Right now we’re in the early stages of building a community that hopefully makes music video writing and directing a little less lonely. We organize meet-ups in different cities so music video directors and our collaborators can hang out and meet new friends. Every couple of months, we will host social hours called Community Hang Outs, while a couple of times a year we will hold our more goal-oriented meetings called Town Halls. We know the change we want to see in our industry will take many years and the only way for us to sustain our movement is to build a strong and lasting community.

Who knows what we will become or what we’ll be able to achieve just by hanging out and connecting. Got any ideas? Let us know.

We’re also using everyone’s stories and ideas to craft a set of informal guidelines for the pitching, creation, and release of music videos in the hopes that everyone will benefit from a more predictable standardized process. It’s not a union contract or legal document. Just good ideas we can share far and wide that everyone benefits from, because we keep hearing from bands, labels, producers and directors just how unpredictable, demoralizing, and unsustainable the process can become.

Our goal for 2019 is to focus on improving the pitching process. Click here if you’re interested in knowing more about that.



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