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advocating on behalf of music video directors


Stop giving the music industry handouts

  • Directors and their collaborators have been subsidizing the music industry with free labor, free equipment, and often donating their own own money.

  • Minimize donated time and money

Community Building

We are building a community to make music video writing and directing a little less lonely. We organize events, mixers, panels, and screenings around the world for music video directors and our collaborators to grow and learn from one another (and also meet new friends!). We know the change we want to see in our industry will take many years and the only way for us to sustain our movement is to build a strong and lasting community.

Standardizing the Industry

Everyone agrees that the music video process can be and should be better. That’s why we created the Best Practices for the Pitching Process guidelines, which outline the basic expectations all parties can have in the beginning stages of the music video process. These guidelines are based on the feedback from directors, reps, production companies, commissioners and record labels. In short, we are asking for three simple things:

1. Transparency and Open Communication
2. Respect
3. Limiting Wasted House of Work

We believe these guidelines will make the pitching process more efficient and more respectful—not only for directors, but also for reps and commissioners.

Our goal for 2019 is to focus on improving the pitching process. Click here if you’re interested in knowing more about why.






WDMV started when a bunch of directors were complaining on twitter about the challenges of making music videos. That’s when we realized we’re not alone and to ask the question: What are we going to do about it?

Now, WDMV is a growing community that meets up both in person and online to work on our big ideas about how to move the needle forward. We’re a non-hierarchical volunteer organization made up of passionate people who love sharing their opinions and also love music videos. Join us!

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ for more answers.



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